Proper Leg Day

Legs are your foundation. They are the biggest muscles in the body and without strong legs you will struggle to make strength progressions in other lifts.  . There seems to be some strange idea that leg training is something that should be avoided in order to grow stronger in the upper body. Understandably, the chest […]

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Massthetics program

My gift for amazing support in 2017 here is my 4 week Massthetics program for anyone that is trying build mass and not gain fat. If you want to get even more benefits out of this program contact me for a nutrition program to match this training program. You can put on 8-15 pounds in [...] Read More

Shoulder Boulder workout

My shoulders were always the weak point of my body this is why i put a lot of focus on my Delts. This is my day two shoulders workout where most of my focus is on delts. I will also throw some lateral movements on my chest day. Day two Shoulder workout 1A- Standing Rear […]

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Giant set workout for Giant Chest Pump

What is Giant sets- In contrast to a superset, which usually alternates between exercises for opposing muscle groups (agonists and antagonists), a giant set is a group of four or more exercises that target one part of the body. Why Giant sets are great for Hypertrophy and massive gains for chest- Performing one exercise after […]

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