What should you expect to get

  • Training app
  • Customize nutrition plan
  • Macros to fit your goals
  • Detailed training program
  • Instructional Videos for each exercise
  • Daily check support to your questions
  • Weekly check in
  • Weekly training updates based on your progress
  • RESULTS (or your money back guarantee)

I know how you feel!

 There is so much conflicting information out there about the right way to diet and exercise.

 What to avoid in your diet, how to exercise, how many calories you need to eat a day… This information overload can cause us to feel confused and frustrated. Where do you even start? Maybe you’ve had success before but then the weight goes straight back on.

 Add to the mix the rise of diet products, Instagram and social media and the body image we feel like we should be achieving. It’s enough to make you go crazy right?


That’s why I’m here to help.

 At Ivan’s Fitness, my goal is to cut through this information overload and give it to you straight.

No guesswork, no generalizations. I tailor diet and exercise regimes designed to get you results.

Yes… YOU! Not just generic ‘people’.

I’ll build a regime based on your level of fitness, experience and your needs. And you’ll have access to your own personal trainer (me) to help keep you on track.

No need to worry about how to follow the plan or if you’ll be able to do it. Because we’ll be working together to achieve your goals, I take care of the tricky stuff.

 You just turn up, work hard and we’ll get there together.

By working with Ivan’s Fitness you’ll get results that are designed to last. I don’t just work to find a quick fix, I work to make sure you build a sustainable regime that will help you get where you want to go and change your life for the better.


Get rid of that spare tyre, get marathon fit, sculpt your body; whatever your goals you’ll be able to get there with my custom plan for you.

 What I ask of all my clients is that they take out a minimum 3 month plan.

Why? This is how long it takes 90% of people to see those gains.

In fact most of my clients are so happy with the results they stay with me for longer.

 I’m here to be accountable for your successes and I want to ensure you get there, the right way.

You’ll learn proper form, the right way to warm up and warm down and proven methods to achieve your goals.

Are you really serious about your fitness goals?

Is this the year you finally see those plans through?

From vacation or wedding weight loss; to life goals, we can do this together.

Are you ready to do this? Take back control of your body and your fitness and sign up for IvansFitness Online Coaching today.


Online Coaching


$150 months after
for one Month to Month commitment

Online Coaching


for three months commitment

Custom Nutrition Program



Four Week Training Program



One month Macros coaching



16 weeks Show prep coaching