Imagine This, all of your workouts are written out, meal plans perfectly laid out, even your supplement stacks are customized to focusing on your goals and what YOUR body need it most. Imagine you’re not wasting your time with any techniques or exercises that are not dedicated to YOUR specific goals.

Before you know it, you’ll be turning heads in ANY outfit or gym attire you wear…. you’ll be getting the perfect selfie with any angle, any lighting and with any mirror. All I  need is 90 days together of pure dedication and consistency

Imagine the confidence that comes from knowing that every exercise was customized to your body and your vision of what your body should look like

Imagine knowing that every workout phase is preparing you for the next challenging phase…

Imagine knowing exactly what you will be eating each and every meal will lead you to your body transformation

Imagine the excitement of getting a BRAND NEW Training Program each month…

Imagine having UNLIMITED email support for any questions and concerns you may have answered within 24 hours

Imagine the amount of time and energy you’ll save not worrying about the details… all you need to focus on is doing the work that is set up for you to SUCCEED

Where will your physique and performance be in a year from now with KNOWLEDGE like that? Here is where

  • Your arms are full and dense.
  • Your shoulders are round and popping.
  • Your chest looks like a plate of Roman Armor.
  • Your back is perfectly v tapered.
  • Your legs are sleek , sexy and powerful
  • Your waist is tight and your abs pop…
  • Nothing on your body is lagging.
  • Your new body will make you fall in love yourself and with the gym over again

          You see, the client I am looking for is ready to listen to what I am preaching 100%.  From the diet to training to cardio… all the way to the supplementation and lifestyle. I am looking for clients who are ready for an EXCITING and a CHALLENGING experience working with me for next 90 days.

Why do I say challenging?

  I have gotten better. I have honed my skills. I am pushing myself to the next level. I have been challenged by my own clients and training partners

Which means, I am going to CHALLENGE you back….? I am going to PUSH you to the limits you thought were not possible….

Just when you don’t think you can look or perform any better… get ready to be challenged AGAIN with a new phase… then again… then again.

If you’re not ready to be challenged…. this is NOT for you.

If you feel like you’re at the point in your life where you don’t need to grow any more, this program is NOT for you. Ask my clients who trained with me years ago compared to today and they will say that what we doing now is DIFFERENT…. that’s because we’ve evolved and that’s why our clients keep getting better and better. For me to be able to take YOU from the place you are now to the HIGHEST LEVEL of yourself brings me more satisfaction than anything else and there’s nothing that I would rather be doing.

How do you get started?

  1. To apply to the program Email Ivanvoineac@yahoo.com. I will send you a sign up form
  2. I will review your application and get back to you in 24 hours (I will only take on 5 clients)
  3. If I think you’ve got what it takes, I’ll send you the payment links to pay for first half of the program or pay for full price at a discount price
  4. When I receive the payment I will send you a custom training cycle, nutrition plan, and optional supplement stack and cardio plan
  5. You will send me pictures from side, back and front before you start the program
  6. And so it begins, After 90 days best transformation will receive over $100 worth of workout gear, supplements and my “Massthetics” training program to continue your progress