Legs drop sets workout

Leg extensions 10/15/20 x2 (one warm up set of 25reps) Leg curls 10/15/20 x2 (one warm up set of 25reps) Squats 1 set warm up 15 reps then 8/10/15×2 (one warm up set of 15reps) Leg press 10/15/failure x2 (one warm up set of 20 reps) Hack squats 8/12/15 x2 Seated calves raises 10/15/25×2 Standing […]

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How to shred fat without loosing any muscle?!

Is your goals to shred Fat without loosing most of the muscle? Here is a cardio workout example called Hit that would do just that. Also a lot of people say that they dont have time for cardio but with sprinting you’ll be wheezing and sweating after just a few of minutes, and you’ll probably […]

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