Easy to Make Chocolate Protein Pudding

Looking for delicious dessert? Here is a Recipe that you can eat and not feel guilty about it. 5 egg whites In a microwave for 90 seconds After throw those eggs Ina blander- 3 ,scoops of chocolate whey protein ( I used MRI Pro-nos) ,2 spoons of natural peanut butter and 4 ice cubes Blend […]

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Pyramid chest workout

barbell bench press (rep count) 10,8,6,4,8,10 superset 4 sets of diamond push ups 15reps and 3 sets of pack deck flys 20reps incline barbell press( rep count) 12,10,8,6,8,10,12 superset 4 sets of body weight dips 15 reps and 3 sets of wide grip barbell to the chin press 20 reps bench cable fly 10,12,15,20,25 superset […]

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