Breakfast stuffed pita to go

Here is a quick recipe you can make when you running late but still want to get that nutrition in Here is what you need 5oz of ground chicken, turkey, or grass fed beef 2 eggs with yolk ( if you watching your calories use half a cup of egg whites) Three cups of diced […]

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Very easy to make Peanut butter cups

1/2 scoop Chocolate whey Protein 1 tablespoon natural Almond Butter 2 tablespoons Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (dark or regular) ~3-4 oz Water 2 packets Stevia Blend all ingredients together and pour batter in to muffin tins. Freeze for about an hour or until solid. They come out just like Peanut Butter Cups… but with a new twist! […]

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How to shred fat without loosing any muscle?!

Is your goals to shred Fat without loosing most of the muscle? Here is a cardio workout example called Hit that would do just that. Also a lot of people say that they dont have time for cardio but with sprinting you’ll be wheezing and sweating after just a few of minutes, and you’ll probably […]

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