day 3 workout biceps, triceps and calfs

warm up with 21s super set with diamond push ups 1-Barbell curls 8,8,6,6 super set Close grip bench press 8,6,6,6 drop the weight halfway and do 15-20reps last set 2-Preacher curls 10,8,8,6 super set barbell skull crushers 10,10,8,8 3-Hammer grip dumbbell curls 10×4 super set rope over head extensions 12×4 4-spiderman curls 20reps super set […]

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Daily abs routine example

Here is my abs routine that i do almost daily with my diet to get some killer abs. Normally i would do them after my workouts. 1.Hanging knee tucks  10reps to your chest 5 reps to the right 5 reps to the left (slow movements, pretend like you would be working on your biceps and […]

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Biceps and Triceps Workout

Here is a great arm workout i did this weekend. Dont use a lot of weight try just squeezing your muscles. you will feel way better pump that way Biceps Machine Preacher curls 20reps super set incline DB curls 15reps for 3 sets Dumbbell Curls 10,8,6,20reps super set single hand hammer grip preacher curls 15 […]

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