Double Chocolate CupCake Recipe

Ingredients: 1 scoop of Chocolate whey protein (MRI PRo-Nos) 1/4 cup of oats 1/4 cup egg whites 1/8 tsp. vanilla 1 pinch of baking Powder 1.5oz all natural apple sauce 1tbsp Fat free chobani greek yogurt Directions: Preheat the oven at 375 degrees. Place cupcake foil liners in a cupcake pan. or just spray with […]

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ARMSageddon workout (NO rep left behind)

Warm up-Concentration curls cables or DB 15×3 super-set Kick backs DB or cables 15×3 EZ Rubber band Barbell curls 12,10,8, + Drop of rubber bands and repeat same rep count but wider grip + Barbell Over head French press 12,10,8,reps + DB French press 15×3 Preacher rubber band curls 12,10,10, drop of rubber band and […]

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Daily abs routine example

Here is my abs routine that i do almost daily with my diet to get some killer abs. Normally i would do them after my workouts. 1.Hanging knee tucks  10reps to your chest 5 reps to the right 5 reps to the left (slow movements, pretend like you would be working on your biceps and […]

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